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In 2009 at the initiative of national carrier, freight forwarder and logistics associations and with the CAREC support, a non-government and non-profit organization – CAREC Federation of Carrier and Forwarder Associations (CFCFA) – was established.

  • an instrument of public private partnership expansion for developing transport and logistics in the region;
  • a cooperation mechanism for CAREC region’s national associations to solve topical issues;
  • a possibility of active participation in implementing and initiating new projects for CAREC financing

Objectives of CFCFA: 

I. Contributing a private sector perspective to CAREC transport and trade facilitation efforts:
  • Strengthen cooperation between associations in the CAREC region and between the CAREC countries and other countries;
  • Work with international government and non-government organizations, financial institutions, CAREC governments;
  • Raise public awareness on regional transport, trade and logistics issues, and facilitate their resolution;
  • Develop and promote strategies, programs, recommendations and regional technical cooperation projects aimed at developing transport and logistics services.
II. Supporting relevant government agencies in improving transport and trade facilitation policies and infrastructure:
  • Support the governments in establishing conditions conductive to the development of transport, forwarding and logistic activities;
  • Further implementation of regional transport and logistics projects in the member countries, expansion of public private partnership;
  • Further development of Euro-Asian land transport and multi-modal transport;
  • Counter discrimination of transport types and development of monopolism in provision of transport, forwarding and logistic services.
III. Enhancing professionalism within road carrier and freight forwarder industries, railway transportation:
  • Consolidate efforts of the national associations that are active members to improve efficiency of the domestic and international transport;
  • Adoption of international best practices in transport and logistics;
  • Unify, improve and simplify national and international regulatory documents and procedures to improve transportation and trade;
  • Raise the level of professionalism, efficiency and quality of CAREC road carriers, freight forwarders and logistics companies.

CFCFA Tasks for 2014:

1. Strengthen cooperation with the government through continuous joint consultations which can aid in the development of a pragmatic work plan beneficial to both government and private sectors;

2. Pursue initiatives on Authorized Economic Operators, establishment of market credibility, implementation of national single window, regional standardization, technology and business innovation;

3. strive to be a self-sustaining organization where international institutions, such as ADB and UNESCAP, can still provide support and assistance in more practical areas;

4. forge a partnership with the CAREC Institute in developing a series of capacity building activities; and

5. be recognized and integrated in the CAREC process both in ADB and in their respective countries.

СFCFA place of incorporation – Hong Kong in May 2012.