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CAREC Federation of International Logistics and Commerce Associations(CFILCA)was legally registered in Mongolia in October 2019.

CFILCA, formerly known as the CAREC Federation of Carrier and Forwarder Association (CFCFA), was officially established in Almaty, Kazakhstan in March 2010 with the approval of the Eighth CAREC Ministerial Conference. In line with the spirit of the Joint Statement of the 17th CAREC Ministerial Conference, which supported the creation of a CAREC Chamber, CFCFA was re-registered as CFILCA in Mongolia in October 2019.

Achievements of CFILCA and CFCFA

After over a decade of development, CFILCA/CFCFA has emerged as a vital member of the CAREC family. It has established a good cooperation mechanism with the Central Asia Customs Cooperation Committee (CCC) and has held five joint meetings in Ulaanbaatar, Singapore, Dushanbe, Ashgabat, and Tashkent since 2015. These meetings have facilitated discussions and cooperation on various topics, including Authorized Economic Operator (AEO) programs, transit guarantee mechanisms, and standard development. It has published quarterly/annual reports on six Corridor Performance Measurement and Monitoring (CPMM) in Central Asia for ten consecutive years, making positive contributions to removing barriers to trade facilitation in the CAREC region. Furthermore, we have pioneered an innovative international regional standardization cooperation mechanism, resulting in the issuance of 29 international regional non-governmental organization standards, thus filling  gaps in international regional standardization. Additionally, we have developed new transport documents to address the issue about the lack of attributes of title such as international railway and road consignment notes.We are also actively promoting cross-border international regional standard mutual recognition between CAREC and ASEAN. We have actively participated in pilot projects for the opening of the China-Kyrgyzstan-Uzbekistan International Road Transport Corridor. Besides, we have established the CAREC Industry-Education Integration Development Strategic Alliance to support the cultivation of new talents for “the Belt and Road" initiative.

In the future, CFCFA/CFILCA will continue to rely on the CAREC mechanism to build an international cooperation and exchange platform for interaction, integration and coordination between the CAREC chamber of commerce and the associations along “the Belt and Road" and all over the world, and promote the high-level cooperation and development of the CAREC region.

Scope of Services:

1. International Connections and Cooperation services: Establishing connections with economic and trade sectors, chambers of commerce and associations, trade organizations, and relevant international bodies in various countries and regions;Facilitating economic and trade exchanges and cooperation with countries in CAREC region;Signing agreements related to economic and trade technology exchange and cooperation with foreign organizations and participating in their relevant activities.

2. Member Services: Inviting and receiving business professionals and delegations  of the economic and trade circles from member countries for visits and inspections; Organizing member participation in domestic and foreign exhibitions, economic and trade fairs,  high-level forums, and other activities; Building a platform for project promotion, product trading, and investment cooperation for member enterprises.

3. "The Belt and Road" international standardization projects: Initiating "the Belt and Road" international standardization pilot demonstration projects in logistics and trade facilitation.

4. Trade and Economic Information Services: Conducting the collection, collating, dissemination, and publication of domestic and international trade and economic information, and establishing a network of trade and economic information both domestically and internationally;Providing our members with information on trade, investment, finance, logistics, legal matters, and other forms of cooperation;Developing and managing association members and offering services to member companies.

5. Exhibition and Event Services: Organizing or hosting trade exhibitions, logistics expos, or technical exchange events related to trade and economics; Managing various exhibition events for our members. Offering comprehensive solutions for corporate exhibition activities.

6. Legal Services: Providing legal consultation, legal counsel, arbitration and mediation, patent and trademark agency services; Issuing international commercial documents and certifying foreign-related business documents.

7. Professional Training Services: Organizing and conducting various professional training services in the field of trade and logistics.

8. Online Platform Services: Utilizing relevant website platforms to provide members with year-round online showcasing, project connections, product sales, and talent recruitment services.

9. Self-regulation and Dispute Resolution: Strengthen the supervision of members' self-discipline behavior, properly coordinate disputes between members, promote fair trade between members, and maintain their own image.

10. Cooperation between Government and Departments: Handling work authorized or entrusted by the government and relevant departments.