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Approved by
The Protocol № 5
of CFCFA General Assembly Meeting
September 1, 2014

Membership Statement
CAREC Federation of Carrier and Forwarder Associations (CFCFA)

1. General Provisions.

1.1. This Membership Statement of CAREC Federation of Carrier and Forwarder Associations (CFCFA) prepared on the basis of the CFCFA Constitution and Rules of Procedures and represents the main document defining the conditions for admission to CFCFA.

1.2. CFCFA members are founders and legal entities joined with the consent of CFCFA members who have paid admission and annual membership dues, approved by the CFCFA General Assembly (GA), and fulfill the terms of this Statement, CFCFA Constitution and Rules of Procedures

1.3. CFCFA Honorary members may be representatives of international organizations and financial institutions, legislative and executive authorities, government agencies, the media and other organizations as well as individuals who have made significant contributions to the development of CFCFA. Honorary members are exempt from the payment of admission and membership dues. CFCFA Honorary members may attend CFCFA General Assembly meetings with an advisory vote.

1.4. All CFCFA members receive standard Certificate of active CFCFA member.

2. Conditions and procedures for admission to CFCFA

2.1. CFCFA active members are founders and other associations and companies who recognize the goals and objectives of CFCFA.

2.2. Admission to CFCFA members is based on the application of the candidate and the written recommendation of CFCFA acting member.

2.3. CFCFA members have the right to recommend for admission of new members on the following conditions:

• Experience in CFCFA membership must be at least 2 (two) years;

• Fully implement the provisions of the Constitution and other documents of CFCFA.

Recommending organization must be an active member who knows the recommended association/company for at least 12 months, and to give its confirmation in the case of CFCFA request.

2.4. The application of the candidate shall be accompanied by:

• completed application form for admission to CFCFA membership (sample attached);
• notarized copies of constituent documents, the Charter and certificate of state registration of legal entity;
• a list of the members of the association (in case of associations);
• a copy of the document evidencing the registration at the tax authorities;
• recommendation letter from active CFCFA member;
• receipt (bank statement) regarding payment on application fee.

All above mentioned documents shall be presented to CFCFA Secretariat electronically by e-mail.

2.5. CFCFA Secretariat considers presented documents and prepares the conclusion to CFCFA Board Members within 15 (fifteen) days from the date of the submission of all necessary documents by the applicant.

If, within one month from the date of circulation the CFCFA Secretariat's conclusion there are no any reasonable objections from existing CFCFA members, the issue of acceptance of a new member shall be submitted to the next General Assembly Meeting.

In the case of justified objections from other CFCFA members, the issue of consideration of new member application on the next General Assembly Meeting will be determined by the simple majority vote of CFCFA Board Members.

2.6. CFCFA General Assembly by simple majority vote of all CFCFA members approves admission of new member to CFCFA.

2.7. CFCFA Chairman, based on the decision of CFCFA General Assembly and the confirmation of payments of required dues, informs the applicant for admission to CFCFA members. CFCFA Chairman awards a standard Certificate of active CFCFA member within a period not exceeding one month from the date of payment of all required dues.

3. Rights and duties of CFCFA members.

3.1. In accordance with CFCFA Constitution members are entitled to:

• Participate in CFCFA management and decision making of CFCFA;
• Participate in CFCFA thematic commissions and committees;
• On regular basis receive reports on the activities of CFCFA, its committees and commissions;
• Receive information about CFCFA activities, its plans and programs, and spending of CFCFA funds;
• Request information from CFCFA management on the status of implementation of CFCFA decisions;
• Make proposals to the agenda of CFCFA General Assembly Meeting;
• Apply to CFCFA management on any issues related to its activities;
• Enjoy all free and paid services provided by CFCFA to its members;
• Enjoy the priority rights on access to CFCFA information data base on manufactured products and services, the priority right to participate in the ongoing events of CFCFA;
• Use incentives and discounts for CFCFA members;
• Use a registered trademark of CFCFA in published information or advertising materials;
• On a contract basis use the services of organizations and companies established within CFCFA;
• Other rights provided by CFCFA Constitution and other constituent documents.

3.2. CFCFA members must:

• Comply with the provisions of the CFCFA Constitution and Rules of Procedures, other constituent documents and the decisions of CFCFA;
• Actively participate in CFCFA activities;
• Timely pay annual dues;
• To assist in achieving the goals and objectives adopted by CFCFA;
• Provide information necessary to address issues related to CFCFA activities.

4. Honorary members.

4.1. Honorary members are elected at CFCFA General Assembly by majority vote based on the proposal of CFCFA Board from a number of organizations or individuals who have rendered outstanding services to CFCFA.

4.2. CFCFA Honorary Membership assigned for life. Honorary members are exempt from paying CFCFA admission and annual membership dues.

4.3. CFCFA Honorary members are awarded with diploma (standard type) indicating their outstanding service to CFCFA.

5. The amount and order of payment of application fee, admission and membership dues.

5.1. Amount of application fee is 100 USD, the receipt of the payment shall be submitted together with the application. The application fee is non-refundable.

5.2. The amount of admission and annual membership dues are determined annually by the decision of CFCFA General Assembly and remain unchanged for the entire year.

5.3. New CFCFA member shall within ten (10) working days after receipt of the statement of admission from CFCFA General Assembly make a payment of admission and annual membership dues.

6. Privacy Statement

6.1. CFCFA respects the privacy of personal information and makes every effort to ensure that information is protected which applies to all personal information provided to CFCFA

7. Final Provisions

7.1. This Statement shall enter into force upon its approval by CFCFA Board.

7.2. Changes and additions to the present Statement is based on an appropriate decision of CFCFA General Assembly.



Annex to the Membership Statement

Application Form for CFCFA Membership

1. Company/Association Information

Hereby Association / Company ................ requests for Membership in CFCFA, and requests that the persons listed hereafter are its representatives. If admitted, the Association / Company and its representatives will be governed by CFCFA Constitution and internal CFCFA regulation, and undertake to pay any dues as may be properly authorized.

Name of Association/Company:

Complete Office Address: (Room No., Building Name, Street No., Street Name, City, Province, Country, Postal Code)



Email address:


2. Association/Company Representatives


Email address:


Vice Chairman:

Email address:


Designated Representative:


Email address:


Web Editor:

(Responsible for updating association/company contact information on the CFCFA website)  

Email address:


3. Corporation Information

In accordance with this item, the applicant must submit the documents and materials referred to paragraph 2.4 of Membership Statement of CAREC Federation of Carrier and Forwarder Associations.

4. Recommending organization

Name of recommending organization:

Email address:


Recommendation letter is attached

5. Application fee & payment

Receipt (bank statement) on payment of application fee (100 USD) should be attached to this Application From.


Name and signature of duly authorized company/association representative