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The National Capacity Building Workshop: Implementing Mongolian National Single

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The National Capacity Building Workshop: Implementing Mongolia National Single Window (MNSW) was organized by Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific (ESCAP) in cooperation with Mongolia National Chamber of Commerce and Industry, with the support of the United Nations Network of Experts (UNNExT) and held on 13-14 March in Ulaanbaatar. The purpose of the workshop was to work on was to improving  understanding and build capacity of officials from different government agencies and members of the MNSW steering committee on the benefits of Single Window implementation.

In the workshop about 70 representatives participated from various government agencies and private sector, the workshop was opened by Mr. Sambuu Demberel, Member of Parliament & Chairman of MNCCI, and Mr. Kilaparti Ramakrishna, Director, East and North-East Asia Office, United Nations ESCAP. In his remarks, Mr. Demberel provided brief overview of current situation in implementing Mongolian National Single Window (MNSW) and emphasized importance of this workshop to reinvigorate the implementation process. Mr. Ramakrishna, in his remarks, emphasized importance of trade facilitation, in particular implementation of a Single Window, briefed ESCAP’s support to Mongolia in this important endeavor, and assured ESCAP’s commitment to continuous support in this matter. The workshop discussed the current progress of the MNSW, various country implementation cases, including Republic of Korea, Malaysia, Indonesia and Senegal, and the way forward for promoting the MNSW. In concluding the meeting, the Workshop made recommendations for successfully implementing the MNSW and sent to all related government agencies and ministries as well as SW steering committee and cabinet secretariat of Mongolia.

  • Source:Mongolia National Chamber of Commerce and Industry

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