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CPMM & TRS Workshop Smoothly Held in Urumqi (PRC)

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The workshop entitled Corridor Performance Measurement and Monitoring (CPMM) and Time Release Study (TRS)”was smoothly convened as scheduled on 17-18 May 2016 in Urumqi (PRC). The Workshop was co-organized by the Asian Development Bank and CAREC Institute (CI). Officials representing CAREC member countries and representatives of ADB, CI and private sector participated in the workshop. Capt. Lin Zhong, Chairman of CAREC Federation of Carrier and Forwarder Associations (CFCFA) attended in the workshop.

The objective of the Workshop is to build capacities of CAREC countries to use these two tools in order to identify the specific bottlenecks to the smooth flow of goods across the CAREC corridors and initiate actions to remove the hindrances.

During the workshop, TRS expert had a presentation of findings in the field visits, problems identified in the implementation of TRS, involvement of other stakeholders, recommendations to resolve implementation problems. CPMM consultant presented an overview of CPMM methodology, the role of partner associations in data gathering, data analysis and preparation of the quarterly and annual reports and the trade facilitation indicators.

The participants discussed the following to[ics:

  • problems identified in the conduction of the TRS;
  • recommendations to improve implementation;
  • how to set up a sustainable system for conducting, not one-off, but regular TRS;
  • regional implementation of TRS; and
  • how the CPMM findings can be used to complement the TRS results and come up with more accurate and timely information on delays at BCPs.

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