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7th annual meeting of the CFCFA General Assembly held in Singapore on September 20, 2016.

Wednesday, 28 September 2016 00:00

Regular 7th annual meeting of the CFCFA General Assembly which unites 20 associations of carriers, freight forwarders and logistics companies of 9 CAREC countries, was held in Singapore on September 20, 2016.  

The meeting agenda included such main items as:

  • report on CFCFA activities for the period 2015-2016;
  • organizational issues of CFCFA activities;
  • ten recommended CFCFA standards;
  • the opportunity of CFCFA participation in the mechanism of a regional transit guarantee;
  • the intensification of cooperation with  CAREC Customs Cooperation Committee (CCC);
  • election of the CFCFA Management and CFCFA Board.

CFCFA Chairman Captain Lin Zhong reported on the CFCFA activities over the past period of 2015-2016, including information on opening a CFCFA bank account. The Chairman also presented the work plan for the next period, including plans to attract more individual members and organizations of various training sessions for CFCFA members. The General Assembly also heard a report on the activities of CFCFA Secretariat and welcomed the results of its work.

During the session of the General Assembly, CFCFA members discussed the proposals for the development of joint investment projects and technical assistance projects. Emphasis was placed on the need for the direct involvement of representatives of CFCFA in ADB's regional projects implemented in the area of ​​trade and transport logistics.

One of the main issues that were discussed at the meeting of the General Assembly - the establishment and development of cooperation with various international organizations and structures, including the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank, the CAREC Institute, the International Institute for logistics and business "Silk Road", the International Chamber of Commerce "Silk Road", as well as leading companies for organizing and conducting international exhibitions and conferences.

In this context, the CFCFA members emphasized the need to strengthen cooperation with the Customs Cooperation Committee (CCC) of CAREC, which should cover the implementation of joint projects and joint activities, including joint trainings, seminars and workshops on specialized topics.

During the meeting, the General Assembly considered the organizational issues related to the CFCFA activity and held election of the Chairman and Deputy Chairman of CFCFA.

Captain Lin Zhong (China International Freight Forwarders Association) was re-elected as CFCFA Chairman. Mr. T.Shabdanaliev (Freight Operators Association of Kyrgyzstan) was elected as a Deputy of CFCFA Chairman.

Also, the election of CFCFA Board members was held. The composition CFCFA Board for the period 0f 2016-2017 as follows: Mr. Halim Yusuf (Afghanistan), Mr. R.Akhundov (Azerbaijan), Mr. Zhang Haifeng (China), Mr. K.Almagambetov (Kazakhstan). Mr. V.Nikonov (Kyrgyzstan), Ms. Sharbandi (Mongolia). Mr. I.Qamar (Pakistan). Mr. M.Shakirov (Tajikistan), Mr. A.Mukhidov (Uzbekistan).

Board members held a meeting at which the issues of the current activities of CFCFA were discussed, including the organizational issues related to the CFCFA activity. CFCFA Secretariat functions were assigned to the Logistics Association of Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region (PR of China). Ms. Sharbandi (Mongolia) was approved as a CFCFA Treasurer. 

  • Source: CFCFA