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CAREC Federation of Carrier and Forwarder Associations

Interim workshop on regional transit trade in Central Asia smoothly held in Almaty (Kazakhstan).

Tuesday, 23 August 2016 00:00

Asian Development Bank Technical Assistance 8586 (REG) Facilitation of Regional Transit Trade in Central Asia Regional Economic Cooperation (CARECInterim Workshop was smoothly  convened  as scheduled on 26-27 July 2016 in Almaty, Kazakhstan. Senior government officials representing CAREC countries and senior officials from ADB, representatives from memeber-associations of CAREC Federation of Carrier and Forwarder Association (CFCFA) as well as representatives from the insurance industry in CAREC countries and the relevant private sector participated in the workshop. Capt. Lin Zhong, CFCFA Chairman attended in the workshop as well.

The workshop was designed to develop a Regional Transit Guarantee Mechanism to enhance transit trade amongst all 10 CAREC member countries and to develop inter-regional linkages.

The workshop focused on the recommendations of the tasks including Research Report on Transit Flows, Report on the Single Regional Guarantee Mechanism and Report on the ICT Solution for Transit.

The workshop included presentations from the team of consultants and the ADB, small group focused discussions on key issues related to the recommendations to set-up a CAREC Regional Transit Guarantee Mechanism and the proposal to undertake a pilot programme in three CAREC countries (Kazakhstan, Kyrgyz Republic and the People’s Republic of China).

  • Source: CFCFA