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CAREC Federation of Carrier and Forwarder Associations

Diamond Freight

  • Activities: Forwarding companies
  • Country: South Africa
  • Region: Gauteng
  • City: Johannesburg
  • Postal address: 2nd Floor Makem Building, 21 Margaret Avenue,
  • Phone number: 0785248693
  • Additional phone number: 0785248693
  • E-mail:
  • Contact person: Emmanuel Mpiangu
  • Detailed description of the company:
    Diamond Freight plays an essential role in international trade and our members are dedicated to facilitating this activity through their involvement in the management of Air Freight, Sea Freight, Road Freight, Custom Clearing / Forwarding and Procurement of all freight and many other elements of international supply chains. Diamond Freight provides material support and added value to its members to enhance the level of service these members are able to offer their trading customers. Our freight services constantly deliver the most cost effective and reliable results, we handle everything from pick-up to customs clearance. Our quality and range of services always exceed the expectations of our clients. While we are large enough to handle your most complex arrangements, we are still small enough to provide you with the personalised service you deserve.
  • Additional services:
    1. freight forwarding
  • Transportation specifics:
    1. container transportations